Supported Child Development Program

Supported Child Development is available to families with children 19 years and under who require extra support with physical, intellectual, emotional, communicative or behavioural challenges. In collaboration with the parent(s), a plan for the type of support and the available allocation of hours will be decided upon. Types of services may include staffing support, or training for child care staff and families to ensure inclusion in daycare, preschool, and after school programs of their choice.

This is a provincially developed program that reflects & supports the philosophy of inclusion. It is based on the following principles:
Family centered
Shared responsibility
Child Development
Evidence-based practice
Reflective of and responsive to diversity

Children may be referred by Parents, Guardians ,Aboriginal Infant Development and Infant Development Workers, Early Childhood Educators, Nurses, Social Workers, Physicians, Therapists (including our local Speech & Language Pathologist, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist), & other North Island Early Child Development Workers.

We work in close partnership with the North Island Aboriginal Infant Development Program and the Infant Development Program to facilitate every family’s connections to community resources. These three programs operate within a family-centered, strengths-based philosophy. Together, we honour North Island families and work collaboratively to support and respect them.

You are welcome to call us (250) 949-8323 if you would like information about child development, parenting young children, or even to inquire about other community resources. You do not need to be in the program to receive this type of support and encouragement.

“ Thanks Sheila! I really appreciate you guys and your support! I wouldn’t be where I am without you! THANK YOU!” – anonymous

“We were sad when we left the program, but thankful for the people who have assist our child along the way …and appreciate the check in from time to time in town or on the phone” – anonymous

The Supported Child Development Program is funded by the Ministry of Children and Family Development.