Youth Withdrawal Management and Supportive Recovery

Are You 13 to 19 and Questioning your substance use?






CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve taken a very important first step by deciding to take part in the Withdrawal Management/Supportive Recovery Program! Your decision took a lot of courage and shows that you are willing to start taking steps towards getting your life back in the direction that you want.


This is a 2 stage program, firstly there is a withdrawal management component which last between 7 to 10 days and is followed by supported recovery where you are in the same home that you withdrew from substances for a further 3 months with the possibility of an extension depending on the circumstances.


How will this work? You will live with a very supportive family while in the program that is part of a team of professionals that will support you through the recovery process. You will lead the program we will work with you to help you make positive life choices and help you in the recovery process. This will include counselling, one on one support, life skill training, recreation and employment training.


This program is 100% free, call us for more information or feel free to fill in the referral form and we will contact you with 24 hours of the referral.