Board Members Sought!

We are looking for passionate, dedicated individuals who are deeply about others who want to improve life for those experiencing challenges to serve on our Board.

Volunteer Board members attend approximately 10 regular meetings a year.  Dependent upon the interests, skills and background of each individuals, there may be additional opportunities to be part of ad-hoc committees to support the Society in serving the community and growing the supports we are able to offer

Individual Board members are always needed to represent particular interests such as:

  • Knowledge of NI issues and trends that can help provide strategic direction
  • Governance expertise, including leadership and governance policy skills
  • Financial Expertise
  • Community and Business leaders who can bring their skills and acumen to a not for profit environment to ensure the Society’s sustainable long-term future
  • Legal expertise, especially in the areas of contract laws and labour standards
  • Familiarity with and access to community leaders, political representatives and other local organizations
  • Public interests
  • Commitment and ability to fund-raise and connect the organization with potential resources

Interested?  Want more information?  Email Althea Vermaas, Executive Director:

Ready to apply?  Click the link at the top of the page to fill out the application, then drop it by our office!