North Island Crisis & Counselling Centre Society
"Empowering People"


Crisis Line

Alert Bay and Kingcome



Crisis Line

Local in Alert Bay and Kingcome

Call us any time
24 hours a day 7 days a week

We provide anonymous, confidential, and non-judgemental emotional support for those in need.

Staff & volunteers are professionally trained and provide up to date information and referrals including emergency services or 911 for life saving interventions.

Become a Crisis Line Volunteer

Participate in a 40-hour intensive training program where you will learn advanced listening and communication skills. Gain valuable work and volunteer experience.  Work from your own community.

The Crisis Centre Staff answer the Crisis Line during office hours.  During the evenings, one of our trained volunteers are on duty.

Both Crisis Centre Staff and Crisis Line volunteers, all participate in the initial 40 hour Crisis Line training and are committed to ongoing training.

Crisis Line…     phone …may I help you?

For a few moments, let someone help carry your pain
Someone who is there because they care enough to help a stranger in need
Because they know, or they have seen,
From someone they know, or somewhere they've been
That your life may be in danger and there's nothing they can say,
To really make that pain go away.
But they are there for you even so,
Because somehow they know,That somehow, some way,
They can help you find the strength to live another day... 


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